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Brief introduction and product presentation

We produce zippers, buttons, lace fabrics, hook and loop tape,we are enjoy good reputation in superior cost performance, high product quality, complete and intimate customer customized service, responsible for logistics and after-sales service, adequate supply of goods.

Recently, it has entered midsummer, the weather is hot, it is the peak of electricity consumption, and the production pressure is large. At the same time, we have entered the sales season recently, and our production demand is also very strong. We have sufficient inventory and guaranteed production capacity. If the customer has any product needs, please contact us, we will supply to you.

We can provide customer customization service, product color, quantity, logo can be customized according to customer needs. Both packaging and transportation can be customized for the customer. We have a perfect and guaranteed after-sales service, if you have any product needs, please contact us immediately.
LEMO-Rosy-Zipper (1) LEMO-Rainbow-Zipper (2) LEMO-Drop-Zipper (4) LEMO-Metal-Zipper (7) LEMO-Metal-Zipper (7)LEMO-silk-width-lace (5)LEMO-lace silk (4)H7b2342ec23804b648c6feecea6ee76e61.jpg_960x960 (1) DSC_5444LEMO-Hook and loop 2 LEMO-Hook and loop

Post time: Jul-04-2023